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Tentacle types reference sheet by ZiaRenete13x Tentacle types reference sheet by ZiaRenete13x
Let it never be said that I don't over-think things. I actually looked for the few panels of Neron's true form (tentacle-monster, thank you Syn), to see if my creepy fantasy of them actually worked. They do ^_^! Since Neron is a writhing mass of different types of evilly sexy tentacles, I decided to draw them out as reference for a comic I may or may not attempt.

For those who can't read my handwriting (i.e. everybody) here's my expanded notes on each type:

Fire Power In Neron's case, his power seems to manifest in tongues of green flame. I've used them as restraints and tentacles in art before. To me the flames appear while Neron is in humaniod form to represent a.) his "invisible" tentacles, or b.) his tentacular-power far removed from his physical body.

Feeler Tendrils are long and thin with tiny tips. Those tips are dry and feathery and can curl around objects (the teases!) but are not strong enough to support a lot of weight.

Supporting Limbs e.g. Arms/Legs. Thick, sturdy tentacles with a strong grip. The undersides have suckers that have a relatively weak suction, but secrete the heady liquid that acts as an aphrodisiac/lube/drug to make the victim more pliant.

Spitter Tendrils are smooth slippery tentacles of various sizes (small- to mid-range mostly). They are the primary penetrators who squirt and spread the juices. They have can have two types of heads: wide thick blunt ones that spread more juice, and long thin pointed ones that can fit into tiny spaces (say, an urethra). Both can swell up and appear knot-like near the tip when gearing up for a massive spray.

Spreader Bulbs are multi-leveled tentacles that are kind of plant-like. The dry stalk and outside of the "petals" have sensitive bumps and ridges that can gauge when a space is too tight. The three petals spread open almost perpendicular to the stalk, ensuring a well-prepared mate. They have a slick, meaty inside which can also adhere to surfaces. They open to reveal an interior sheath that can swallow down interesting parts with a good amount of pressure. Just watch out for the tiny tendrils inside, they may extend far past the tip of the closed bulb!

Egg Sucker tentacles also suck prey into their slick tubular mouths. With their tiny feelers and muscled segments, they are sure to draw a strong "reaction" from their victim. But their true purpose is more sinister. Although only one or two of the largest of the suckers has the ability, they are intended to pump seed and pass eggs into the victim. This is why the other types of tentacles and the copious amounts of wet messy drug-juice is needed. The eggs (and Egg Suckers) are quite large, and the victim needs to be a loose, pliant, begging, slippery mess before they can be properly set into him. :devilish:
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What happens if i stick my dick into the holes of these tentacles?
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