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deviation in storage by terriblenerd
deviation in storage by Kupo-chan
deviation in storage by Kupo-chan


Vitrinewyearfull by ZiaRenete13x

A somewhat-delayed pinch hit for virusinyoursystem​. I hope it's to your liking! (Please click to open, it's being murdered by compression.)

This is the first photoshop colouring I've done for a while. It may be a tad over-saturated, since I'm still having trouble with my computer monitor, but dmmd is good for over-saturation. (Thank you Sara and Nyssa for the help!) We actually sell that purple damask fabric in my store, and the moment I saw it, I knew they'd wear it.

...Yeah I put Virus in those crazy LED shoes because of course he would.

Christmas Cake by ZiaRenete13x
Christmas Cake

ariofthesea has the cutest KouAo-as-parents headcanons and amusingly enough I got her for my Secret Santa.

I’m sure granny is thrilled to have a new kiddo to take care of (that is, after these two idiots and when Clear and Noiz don’t randomly show up). Of course, kids always do perplexing things, like snatch the fruit off of the Christmas cake to feed to their robot bird. Because giving him fried chicken would “be an abomination!”

Aoba’s just laughing with Ren, because Koujaku still hasn’t learned that the Charming Face won’t work on Tae. Also, they’re not the ones with the paring knife.

kiss with no faces by ZiaRenete13x
kiss with no faces
thiswasjustsupposedtobeasketch.jpeg (But then I got lazy inking and only used a single 08 micron, instead of switching for more line variation.)

I was thinking earlier, if Koujaku and Clear kissed you’d never be able to see their faces.

Got your nose! by ZiaRenete13x
Got your nose!
A cute Kid Koujaku and Aoba idea I had. I don't know I thought it was funny.
"YOU DROPPED IT" still makes me laugh every time I open my sketchbook.

It's a bit long in format, so please click to read!


Tendonitis still messing with my hands.

However! I will have three new artworks to post on Monday to go with this year's Sabriel MiniBang!

I'll also be working on a fic for the Once Upon A Sabriel challenge, but that won't be posted until Feburary.

I've recently gotten into Teen Wolf, and Supernatural has started up again. So perhaps there will be more activity from me with those fandoms soon.
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Thank you oh, so much for the watch~! :)
ZiaRenete13x Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
NO thank you for being awesome and keeping me (Lulu) company at AN!
xNearImpossiblex Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
Oh! No problem! You're very welcome! Thank you for doing the same! :)
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Thank you so much for the :+devwatch:, dear~!! :icondummyplz:
ZiaRenete13x Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
I'm glad to have! I kept seeing a couple of your things pop up on my tumblr dash or in the dA clubs, and I loved them. So I figured I should follow the source!
DiTab1 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
Merry Christmas Sweetie!! [link] I hope you like your Secret Santa Gift! :cuddle:
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Thankyou for the watch!!!! :tighthug: Heres a cookie because I love you thaaaaattttt much XD :cookie:
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Yay cookies!

I love SPN and SPN Pairings, so why shouldn't I watch Pairing-SPN?
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i finished the piccie x3 [link]
ZiaRenete13x Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011

*rushes off to see it*
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